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Toni-Lee's sideshow banners and portraits of sideshow performers were exhibition at the The Tanks at the Tate Modern, London as part of Tracey Moberly's: TWEET-ME-UP!
Bally 2 debuted at the Tate
Bally No. 2 was debuted for the first time via Twitter at The Tanks at the Tate Modern, London England. A Twitter feed was projected to highlight the mass particiption part of the exhibit.
People watching Toni-Lee's video named I am not making this up
The crowd at the Tate Modern watching Toni-Lee's video "I Am Not Making This Up (a.k.a. Shoot the Terrorist)." The video was based on an actual game seen in New Jersey.
More photos of my art from Tracey Moberly, Foundry, Joshua Bradwell all part of Tracey Moberly's TWEET-ME-UP! For all of the event photos, click here.

Toni-Lee at The Tanks, Tate Modern, London—August 24!

Toni-Lee exhibited her sideshow banners, portraits of sideshow performers, and a video installation at the Tate Modern’s new space The Tanks. The mass participation, one day event, Undercurrent: Tracey Moberly’s TWEET-ME-UP!, aimed to promote the acceptance of individuality and freedom of personal expression. The Undercurrent festival is part of the Tate Modern’s Art In Action. Evan Wilder invited Toni-Lee to be part of the exhibition.

The projected artwork created an installation that constantly transformed within the space and it also included projected texts, tweets and other social networking sites such as Instagram, YouTube and Soundcloud.

August 24th was also the “International Day Against Intolerance, Discrimination and Violence based on Musical Preferences, Lifestyle and Dress Code”. This designation was created to support the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend were severely beaten in 2007 by strangers because they were dressed as “Goths.”

Here is a link to the artist profiles featured on the TWEET-ME-UP site.

For more event photos, including Tracey in front of my Hippocampus, click here.


Video Debut of "I Am Not Making This Up" at the Tate Modern

This painting was originally named "Shoot The Terrorist" but everyone thought that I was creating this scene from my imagination. I decided to change it to "I Am Not Making This Up" because it was an actual scene that I saw on the boardwalk in New Jersey. The image haunted me for months before I decided to paint it. This year, I created the video merging both my artist statement and the painting.You can watch the video that I debuted at the The Tanks at the Tate Modern below.


Tracey Moberly talking about Toni-Lee's "I Am Not Making This Up" (a.k.a. Shoot The Terrorist) at the Tate Modern

Tracey Moberly, during her artist talk at the Tate Modern, speaks about Toni-Lee's "Shoot The Terrorist" video. In "The Tanks" at the Tate, three projections ran simultaneously. The center projection between "Shoot The Terrorist" were images of the G20 riots in London with sound. This was a purely coincidental coupling. The random timing of the visuals and sound with the three projectors transformed each work in unexpected ways adding new meaning within the cavernous space of The Tanks.