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Bannerline for the Shelburne Museum
Here is a grand entrance to the Circus Barn! This bannerline was commissioned for the "Circus Day in America Exhibition: 1870-1950," for the Shelburne Museum in Vermont. This bannerline was 40 x 15 ft. The large center banner measured 10 x 7 ft and the remaining banners were 5 x 7 ft.
Coney Island Harmonica Case painted by Toni-Lee
Stuck In VT: Interview with Toni-Lee and you can see the Coney Island Harmonica Case she made.
The "Church of Circus" Pop Up Gallery was part of BCA's Festival of Fools. Check out the exhibition as well as Toni-Lee's sideshow banners.

Toni-Lee at The Tanks, Tate Modern, London—August 24!

Toni-Lee will be exhibiting her sideshow banners, portraits of sideshow performers, and a video installation at the Tate Modern’s new space The Tanks. The mass participation, one day event, Undercurrent: Tracey Moberly’s TWEET-ME-UP!, runs from 11am-5pm.  Undercurrent is part of the Tate Modern’s Art In Action. Evan Wilder invited Toni-Lee to be part of the exhibition.

Read more about it and see photos and video from the exhibit here.

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