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Mr. Crispy

Performers, People and Devotees

Since 1998, Toni-Lee has been painting banners for performers in the sideshow and circus, magicians, mentalists, fans and admirers. Here is a selection of those commissioned banners below.


Sign enamel on canvas. 5 ft x 7 ft (152 cm x 213 cm).

Mr. Crispy's banner features several of the acts that he performs. The use of the bullets allow for more variety and complement the main center image. The cool to warm color scheme highlights the fire which breaks the boundary of banner.

Mr. Crispy Doctor Arcana Matt The Knife 1 Lady Diane Falk Betty Fiendish Clown
George the Giant David Straightjacket Matt No 2 Bindlestiffs Master of Mayhem Stewart & Colbert