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Artist Statement

I have always been drawn to outsiders and oddities as far back as I could remember. In my own life, I often remembered feeling like an outsider too. Difference sparked my curiosity and eventually led me to my interest in sideshows and subcultures. The sideshow itself can be a metaphor for life representing the contradictions in our society, simultaneously inciting our voyeuristic desires and providing a lens for us to question our constructed realities created by society. Both the exaggerated grandeur of the sideshow banner and the old master style portraits of performers that I create represent the dualities between illusion and reality and the beautiful versus the grotesque. I use technology and digital media, drawing and painting to create my work. I am deeply attracted to the ostentatious colors, lighting, textures and fantastical performances that I see both on and off the stage. In the grit and grime of the sideshow, I find the sublime.

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